Ford Harley Davidson F 150

Ford Harley Davidson F150 - More Than Just A Truck

The Ford F150 truck has now been in production for well over 30 years now and initially when it appeared on the scene it was more commonly referred to as the "heavy half ton" by the company. Simply because the F100 was also still in production at this time. Yet it took another 24 years before Ford finally came out with a new version and which they worked on in conjunction with another iconic vehicle company, namely Harley Davidson Motorcycles. So in 1999 the Ford Harley Davidson F150 was born.
Although this particular truck has been around for less than 10 years there are certainly many people who love the design and looks of it. But with all Ford vehicles and even those they make in collaboration with other motor vehicle companies hold true to the companies believes. But with this particular one it also takes into consideration the believes and philosophies that the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company hold dear to their heart as well. Below we take a look at the 2006 and 2007 models of this vehicle and which will be come extremely popular with both Harley Davidson and Ford enthusiasts the world over.
1. The 2006 Ford Harley Davidson F150 Supercab - A beautiful looking vehicle which provides the rough and ruggedness you expect from a Ford truck but with the added benefits of some beautiful custom detailing, such as you would see on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The exterior of the vehicle monotone but comes with a custom scalloped red paint stripe running the complete length of the vehicle which is then further accentuated by electric blue. Along with this custom paintwork on the vehicle at set intervals along the vehicles belt line you will find the Harley Davidson script.
In order to provide the vehicle with a much more menacing look and bring it into line with the kinds of looks that Harley Davidson motorcycles have. Ford have chosen to provide it with a chrome billet grille, plus the headlamps and taillights have also been blacked out. Finally they have included highly polished 22 inch forged aluminum rims to further add to its menacing looks.
2. The 2007 Ford Harley Davidson F150 Supercrew - Unlike the 2006 Supercab this particular model of F150 trucks exterior is not only available in monotone black but also in a rich amethyst color as well. Which is only one of the major differences between these two models. They both come with the 22 inch forged aluminum wheels which have been polished and a chrome grille. This vehicle also comes with both its headlights and taillights blacked out as you will soon discover all models of the FordHarley Davidson F150 do.
The major difference between the 2006 Supercab and the 2007 Supercrew is what is under the hood. A person who purchases the 2007 model has the option of having a supercharger fitted to the Harley Davidson engine. This is normally to be found on Ford's Shelby GT500 and once fitted to this F150 will give the owner 450 break horsepower.
Along with a number of refinements to the exterior of the vehicle, Ford have made some changes to the interior of the F150 cab as well. It provides the people encased within with the feeling that they are out on the open road riding along on a Harley Davidson.
The seats (captains chairs) in the Ford Harley Davidson F150 truck are made from leather and into them has been stitched the logo which has become synonymous with one of the most iconic motorcycles the world knows. Also it has plenty of chrome trim and accessories in the cabs interior which further give it the feeling of being a custom made vehicle rather than one that has come off a production line.
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2011 Ford Focus

The 2012 New Ford Focus Reviewed

In the current economic climate, consumers are keen to save money when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle. In addition, they demand a car that also provides great gas mileage. Ford Focus stands out in the affordable small cars segment due to its low price and great mileage. For 2012, Ford Motor Company decided to make a good thing even better and decided to revamp the car inside and out. As a result, the 2012 Focus is edgier, sportier and better looking. Over 55% of the vehicle's body is constructed out of steel; that's more than any other Ford on the market. There are four trim levels available; S, SE, SEL and Titanium.
The Ford Focus' engine won't win any drag races by any means but it's more than enough for riding to work and running errands. The engine is a four cylinder 2.4 Liter with 155 hp and 145 lb feet of torque. Ford has plans for a newer Focus with an efficient Ecoboost engine. Two transmissions are available; a manual transmission and a dual clutch gearbox. Gas mileage stands at around 40 mpg, which is pretty good. The Focus is the ideal every day car for anyone who wants a practical and efficient car without spending a fortune.
One new aspect that can only be enjoyed in the 2012 model is the innovative torque vectoring control. This system improves performance around corners and curves by splitting power between the wheels and applying brake pressure. If you want to be creative you can even add cool graphic tattoos to your vehicle. This is fun and easy way to personalize your car and give it an extra special little something. The cabin inside is top notch and designed using high quality materials. Features for your convenience include a rearview camera, keyless entry and a system to help facilitate parking in narrow spots. Ford's MyFord system is also available which allows you to easily switch up songs and adjust music volume from the convenience of the steering wheel.
The base model comes with features such as a standard audio system, power windows and an adjustable steering wheel. If you choose the upper level SE trim you get Ford's Mykey system which allows parents to set the speed limit at which their teens are able to drive. Standard safety features for all models consist of a comprehensive airbag system with chest protection, side airbags and advanced side restraint systems. The Titanium model adds in a sunroof, a premium Sony sound system and Ford MyTouch which allows the drover to use the phone and command the audio system via voice commands.
With the recession in full swing, it makes sense to save money by purchasing an economy car and save your money for a rainy day. In addition, the Focus offers excellent mileage, a feature that can end up helping you save a lot of money at the gas pump. Pricing for the sedan starts at $15,999 and $19,899 for the hatchback.
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Ford Taurus SHO

A Sleeper Hot Rod: The 2013 Ford Taurus SHO

Some hot rods are obvious; just one look and you can tell it's a race car through and through. Sleeper cars are more of a surprise because they look just like a regular car. However, when challenged to a race, these sleeper cars can give you a run for your money. Ford's Taurus SHO is by all means a sleeper car; it looks just like a regular family sedan. The new 2013 model is even better than before with lots of tweaks and redesigns and even technology additions for a higher level of performance and a more athletic profile. Some people may think of the traditional Taurus as a "boring" family car but the SHO is a luxury sedan with a sports performance edge. It can compete on the same level as the Audi A6, Lexus GS350 and Mercedes Benz C-Class.
SHO stands for "Super High Output" and that's what this car offers and then some. The 2013 Taurus is equipped with a powerful 3.5 Liter Ecoboost engine with 365 horsepower and 350 lb feet of torque; the same amount of power as its predecessor. If you want even more performance you can purchase a package which will amp up the performance aspect to a whole new level. Mileage stands at 31 mpg on the freeway.
The grille has been redesigned and now has a mesh type design. It's a lot more aggressive and edgier looking. A back spoiler has also been added. The SHO's brakes have also been updated for more braking power. Handling has been improved significantly with the inclusion of a system to control torque vectoring and power electric steering has also been added. Consumers have the option of selected from twenty inch painted wheels and the side view mirrors come in black. The hood has also been redesigned and appears a lot sleeker and slimmer than the older one.
My Ford Touch is in place which will work in conjunction with the Microsoft Sync system. MyFordtouch allows the driver to listen to music, obtain accurate directions and place and receive telephone calls by utilizing voice commands via the Bluetooth system. The cabin has been dressed up with a steering wheel appointed in leather and comfortable leather seats. Active Park is another new feature which will be available. Official pricing for the 2013 version has not been announced yet but the Ford 2011 version currently retails at around $25k-$37k depending on the optional packages selected.
The SHO is perfect for the driver who lives who doesn't feel the need to flaunt his or her hot rod. In the SHO you look like everyone else on the way to work but after hours she can let off some serious steam when you are feeling the need for speed.
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