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Hummer cars are off-road automobiles produced by General Motors. The Hummer H1 was a multipurpose vehicle with a design that allowed high mobility. The Hummer 2 and the Hummer 3 are designed for smaller markets.
The best upgrade you could possibly provide your vehicle is installing HID lights. HID, or High-Intensity Discharge lights are used in place of the original halogen lamps. Instead of the yellow glare of the halogen lamps, HID lights provide a white, bluish or lavender glow.
The Hummer HID conversion kits allow the vehicle's lights to illuminate over seventy-five percent of the length and breadth of the road. They also provide three times more illumination than the ordinary lights.
Because of their bright shades, the HID lights illuminate the road as sunlight does. They thus, provide better visibility to the driver at night. This in turn reduces the chances of accidents.
The Hummer HID conversion kits are easy to install, as they are plug and play systems. The owner of the car itself can change the light bulbs, with a little bit of technical knowledge. The new bulbs will not harm the Hummer in any way. However, it is usually advised that one invest in a new wiring harness. Upgraded harnesses can withstand the heat of the new HID lamps and they are equally easy to install.
The Hummer HID conversion kits usually contain a pair or two of HID bulbs, besides ballasts, plugs and wiring. The light illumination technology used in HID lighting is different from halogen lighting. The bulbs contain xenon, which is a noble gas. When a charge passes through the electrodes in the bulb, the gas gets disturbed and emits light.
Usually, fog lights, break lights, taillights and indicators make use of the xenon bulbs for better light emission. They are extremely reliable, as the Hummer HID Conversion kits undergo rigorously testing before they come into the market.
Besides increasing performance, the Hummer HID conversion kit also adds visual appeal to the Hummer. However, HID lights are illegal in some regions, while others require them to be angled slightly, to protect oncoming drivers from the glare. Make sure that HID lights are legal to use in your state before installing them.
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  1. But before you buy all this you also need to know your bulb size. There are many different types of bulb sizes and they are listed here:

    • 9003 HID Bulbs • H10
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    • H13 • 9004
    • H3

  2. H10 HID are basically used in hid fog light of trucks as well as small vehicles. They are lights that utilize the modern led technology to produce crispy white light. Led basically increases the brightness of your fog lights and uses less power in the production of lights.

  3. Because of all these, the HID conversion kit is a good choice for headlamps or fog lamps by 2-3 times more light output, which means safer driving.
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  4. Car hid headlights are known to supply security becomes transcendental conventional halogen headlights. They offer more than three times the light with a cool glow that does not contravene the law.

  5. Most of providers for these civic hids are offering there older models at reasonable rates coz for most of us the bottom line is there price tag, but before buying such items we must look into there effects on the other parts of our vehicle which are directly linked with them and can be harmed to such an.

  6. The best way to install eagle eye hid lights instead of halogen lamps in stock for your car may have come with is using a conversion kit. The conversion kit comes with a number of important elements required in the conversion process and also comes with some additional choices such as the type of bulb you want to use.

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