Aerius Car 2011

Aerius Car 2011

Aerius Car, Pictures, Wallpapers, Specs, Specifications, Photos, Review. Enter the Aerius Car a model which combines both the green technologies whose inception we're witnessing today and a few design lines we can only begin to understand. Designed as a hypercar of the year 2025, the Aerius has it all: looks, performance and the most respect for the environment.

The Aerius uses both existing technologies and ones that are yet to be developed. Driving the model forward and backward are Michelin's Active Wheel electric motors for the rear wheels and on-board electric motors for the front ones.

The motors draw their power from both batteries and other sources of electricity, like the solar panels who feed the battery through carbon nanotube super-capacitors for an increased range. Performance numbers are unknown, because of obvious reasons, but we believe that with these looks, not many would mind if the Aerius could only allow you a 100 miles trip or so.

The design of the Aerius has been inspired by the shape of current day Formula 1 cars, says The model, created by Pei-Cheng Hseih, is to use its own aerodynamic body to reduce energy consumption, while the passengers can enjoy the airflow through the glass roof that goes the length of the car.


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