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2011 to Bring With it Corvette Z06 Carbon Limited Edition

With the huge success that the Corvette ZR1 has enjoyed since its return in 2009 many felt that Chevy would stop production of the Z06. Well those who thought that notion up were recently proven wrong in a big way as Chevy showed its commitment to the Corvette Z06. Chevy recently announced that later this summer the all new 2011 Corvette Z06 Carbon Limited Edition will be made available. This special edition Vette is only going to go to 500 lucky individuals and it will of course bring all sorts of goodies with it.
Starting on the outside, the Z06 Carbon will sport, you guessed it, carbon-fiber. The hood will be raised and made of carbon-fiber as too will the splitter and rocker panels. The limited edition Z06 will also get the same Brembo carbon-ceramic brake pads that the ZR1 sports only the brake calipers will be painted gray instead of blue like the ZR1. Also added to the outside of the Z06 Carbon are Michelin Pilot PS2 tires that will be mounted on special black 20-spoke wheels (19s up front and 20s in the rear).
To make for a better overall ride the 2011 Corvette Z06 Carbon Limited Edition will come with the Magnetic Selective Ride Control system. When you combine that with the new tires and other upgrades, you get a Z06 Vette that will be a tick faster than the standard Z06 on a track or street with lots of curves and one that handles a lot better no matter where it is rolling. As for colors, you only have two choices. All the 2011 Z06 Carbons will be painted either Inferno Orange or Supersonic Blue. Really with either color you can't go wrong.
Moving to the inside of the car there are more goodies to be realized. Suede bits will accompany the usually leather and so too will a number of special badges in orange or blue stitching (of course depending on the color you choose for the exterior). However, the seats are still going to be based on the typical Corvette seat so if you plan on doing some intense driving with the limited Z06 you may want to opt for a racier seat. For those not lucky enough to be among the 500 to own this bad boy fear not. Chevy has also announced that it will make two premium upgrade packages available to all drivers who buy a 2011 Corvette Z06.
The first is going to be dubbed the Z07 Performance Package and will include all of the chassis upgrades that the Carbon will enjoy. The second is going to be referred to as the CFZ Z06 Package and will give the buyer the same special body pieces as the Carbon. Chevy has not yet said what the price of the limited Carbon will be, but at a run of only 500 you can bet it will be up there. No matter what the price is, it is just nice to see that Chevy has not neglected nor will they forget the Corvette Z06; at least not for one more year anyway.
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