Renault Scenic

Analyzing Renault Output

As a brand, Renault suggests many different things to many different people. This is something that few brands, particularly vehicle brands manage to accomplish. Often a vehicle brand will be pigeonholed as creating one type of car or another and that branding often limits the appeal that a car released by that brand can have. There are some brands, like Ferrari, that have specialised and concentrated on one area of the car market to the exclusion of all others to make the best car of the sports car arena. In contrast Renault has made a name as a car manufacturer who is capable of creating good cars in a variety of different sections of the car market.
In addition to the cars that Renault produces for everyday use, there are the cars that Renault has created for the Formula 1 Grand Prix. This shows that Renault is more than capable of creating extremely high powered machines that can outperform some of the best in the world. That sort of versatility is often lacking from those companies whose companies produce cars which are highly regarded in segments of the market other than sports cars. The quality of the cars that Renault creates is consistently high and in all markets where the company is focused it is considered a leading brand.
Currently the Mégane Renaultsport R26 is topping the tables all over as it wins award after award for it's capability across the board. Not only is the general public flocking to buy it, motoring journalists are heaping more and more praise on it as time goes by. The unassuming Renault speedster allows those whose pockets aren't exceptionally deep to still experience the feeling of taking off like a rocket. The functionality is fantastic in the Renault and the form matches it point for point. Another fairly recent release that is gaining loyal supporters far and wide is the Clio Renaultsport 197.
The new concept car that has just been unveiled is the Renault Clio Grand Tour which is set to become the latest groundbreaking addition to the Clio III range of cars. It's classified as an estate, although noticeably less bulky than other cars classified in this group. The sleek lines and smaller dimensions of the Renault are mainly due to the fact that the car is a hybrid of estate and touring car. The size has not diminished the capacity of the car in any way and the 2.0 16 valve engine is put to very good use. This elevates the Renault Clio Grand Tour above its competitors in any grouping since the best aspects of the different groups are used in the creation of this hybrid that will make Renault proud.
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