What to do in Magny-Cours? Clear to race or build racing cars. Thus, the date also has the force of Exagon. But now the French show at the Paris Motor Show (02.10.2010-17.10.2010), such as razor-sharp, confident and fast electrical mobility can be EGT with the Furtive.
For years Exagon collected as a supplier for the series “Electric Andros Trophy experience. The move to make, even a high-power sports car to the wheels appear, therefore, only logical. And performances of the Furtive EGT can be proud of well: 287 km/h and from 0 to 100 kph in just 3.6 seconds.
The constant torque applied for a respectable 480 Nm, from zero speed to 5000 rpm. This allows a little more than the assets of Sprint Porsche 911 Turbo, which depends on the V-Frenchman in the sprint to 100 km/h around a tenth.
Is designed as a classical EGT Exagon Furtive Gran Turismo 2 +2 seating. Thanks to 4.50 meters long, short transitions in the front and rear and therefore a generous wheelbase four people will easily find space on long journeys. According to the manufacturer combines the agility of the Furtive EGT of a sports car with the comfort and spaciousness of a sedan.
Designer table Exagon created a real eye-catcher. Razor-sharp lines drawn, a narrow tapering snout, consuming feline headlights, the rear lines of rising and a massive rear diffuser with large – this is a sports car already in the booth quickly.
In order to keep the can moving up to its electric sports already in the state, drive the Furtive EGT two new Siemens motors, each with 125 kW/170 PS. The overall performance thus adds up to 340 hp. The Siemens motors are currently the lightest and most compact in this performance category, and are characterized by liquid cooling and outstanding efficiency.
The specialist with the telling name of “juice” delivers the high performance lithium-ion batteries. At 150 kWh capacity to the battery for 10-year life be good to survive 3,000 charge process and provide a range of up to 406 kilometers. An optional range extender can increase the range up to 807 kilometers.
Come when and at what price the Exagon Furtive EGT on the market, will initially remain speculation. The exhibition in Paris has, however promising, so the Furtive EGT probably not like many other current studies into oblivion before he ever sees a dealer showroom has.


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