Camaro, Do You Have One?

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Camaro & Chevrolet Camaro Wheels is that it was one of the most well-known muscle cars of its time. They've even reinvented the Camaro & OEM Chevrolet Camaro Rims for the 2010 model. So now, we have a great 2010 Chevy Camaro with amazing looking 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Rims to go on it. How much better can it get!
The Camaro is produced by the General Motors company but under the Chevrolet Brand. Confusing, right? There are some models that are classified as a Pony Car and some that are known as a Muscle Car - I think the most known cars with the Original Chevrolet Wheels are the muscle cars. Anyway, it first went on sale on September 29, 1966 as the 1967 model. It was originally designed to serve as the competing model to the Ford Mustang.
There were a record of four different generations of the Camaro that were manufactured before 2002. Before any real approved message from Chevy, there were reports circling around April of 1965 that Chevrolet was planning to release a car that would be equal to the competitor of the original Ford Mustang. About a year later on June 21,1966, there were an approximate 200 car journalists that had received a telegram from GM that stated exactly this: "... Please save noon of June 28 for important SEPAW meeting. Hope you can be on hand to help scratch a cat. Details will follow...(signed) John L. Cutter - Chevrolet Public Relations - SEPAW Secretary."
The very next day, the same people who received the previous telegram received another informative telegram that said, "Society for the Eradication of Panthers from the Automotive World will hold first and last meeting on June 28...(signed) John L. Cutter - Chevrolet Public Relations SEPAW Secretary." If I can see these telegrams I'd be super impressed.. do they have them in museums?
Anyway, these were the type of telegrams that confused most of the journalists.
A week after all these telegrams were sent, GM had a live press conference that was held at the Statler-Hilton Hotel in Detroit. The General Manager of Chevy at the time, Pete Estes, was the one that started the conference. He made the announcement that there was a new car line being made; project designation XP-836. He said the name of the vehicle "suggests the comradeship of good friends as a personal car should be to its owner". He also said that "to us [Chevrolet and GM], the name means just what we think the car will do... Go!" After all the prep that he did to keep the journalist appealed, he reviewed the name "Camaro."
Of course they had questions; one of the major ones was "What is a Camaro?" He responded by stating "[it's] a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs." That's when the duel began. Those are fighting words if you were to ask me; I bet if you were to ask anyone they'd say the exact same thing.
On September 12, 1966, that's when the Camaro was first shown; it was at a press preview that took place in Detroit, Michigan. It was then introduced to Los Angeles on the 19th of that same year. The Camaro had went on sale on all Chevrolet lots on September 29, 1966 as the 1967 model year.
So when it comes down to it, would you buy the Ford Mustang or the Chevy Camaro with the OEM Chevrolet Wheels on it? It's all up to you! So make sure you're sure about what you want.
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