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Fiat 500 - A Blast From the Past

Fashion, the experts say, is circular; a self-fulfilling prophecy that continues to imitate and reinvent itself even as it evolves. Whilst there are certain styles that remain constant in the buying public's opinion (denim for example), there are occasional trends that show up once only to disappear for what seems like an eternity (day-glow moonboots). The same can be said about cars. Essentially the same designs have been in place for 30 or so years, developing and improving as time goes on. The Ford Fiesta, for example has always maintained that boxy/sporty look that has proved to be very popular over the years. However, a blast from the past has recently turned up and has inadvertently revolutionized the entire supermini industry. The car in question is the Fiat 500.
The Fiat 500 was an Italian icon back in the 50's when it first made an appearance. It represented great value and nippy, city-style performance (fairly typical of any Italian automobile). With time and changing tastes, sales of the Fiat 500 naturally slumped and the car was subsequently laid to rest in the 1970s. The world had lost its taste for cheap, little runabouts and so the 500 died.
Fast forward 30 years and it seems the world is crying out for small, economically-sound hatchbacks. Now would be as good a time as any to reanimate the Fiat 500's lifeless that's exactly what Fiat did. The Fiat 500 has been re-released to both critical and commercial acclaim, seemingly reclaiming its role as the king of superminis. However, a lot has changed since the heady days of the original 500, so have Fiat managed to keep it relevant?
In a single swift maneuver, Fiat managed to hush any naysayer of the 500. It firmly planted itself on the world's conscience by managing to look...well...the same as it did 50 years ago, albeit slightly more sporty. The Fiat 500 became an instant fashion accessory and orders at the forecourts hit an unprecedented high.
As far as the competitors go, the main rival would be the newly redesigned Ford Ka, with whom the 500 shares basic underpinnings.  With so much in common, how is it possible to split the two apart? Well firstly, the new Ford Ka slightly annoyed me by evolving into nothing more than a baby Fiesta, rather than a perfectly serviceable model in its own right. Secondly, the Fiat 500 does everything just a little better than the Ka. It handles better, feels nippier and looks a lot better than the characterless shell the Ka has become. The only downside is that the 500 is slightly more expensive, but remember that you're paying for style here people!
It seems that the Fiat 500 [] has been warmly welcomed back, not as a novelty relic of the past, but as a superb design that has caught the imaginations of all consumers who are in the market for a sporty runabout. The 500 ticks the two main boxes that all the potential customers will be wanting; it has an economical engine and gorgeous looks. There is very little else your average estate agent in Bermondsey will be interested in.
Whether the 500's current appearance will last as long as its previous 20 year tenure remains to be seen, that is dependent on ever-important fashion trends and what they dictate is de rigueur. For now, however, it is enjoying a resurgence in popularity- and I for one welcome the Fiat 500 back.
Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses the new Fiat 500

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