The History of the Acura Integra

The Acura Integra is a very unique car. It is no longer in factory production, but they are still very popular and somewhat valuable in comparison to similar cars of their time. Today people are pushed to build this car, along with many other Asian imports, farther than its stock capabilities. Honda produced not only four generations, but other models within these generations. This allows for a great deal of conversions between models.
The Acura Integra, along with many other Asian import cars is very capable of aftermarket modifications. People pour in thousands of dollars to restore their Integra back to its pristine condition, and some do more than this, full motor and transmission swaps, new rims, body kits, suspension work, and other restorations are seen in cars everyday.
The First Production 
The first production of Acura's Integra, in 1986, featured a very boxy body style. On it were pop-up headlights and smooth straight lines in its design similar to many other cars produced in the 1980s. It came with a four-cylinder 1.6L engine DOHC [Dual Over-Head Cam.] This engine is commonly known as a D16. Which gave the first Integra 115hp. The car itself was very popular and was known to be quick and sporty as well as having great handling in comparison to Honda's other models of the time.

The Second Prodcution 
Produced: 1989-1993
The second production of the Integra was equally as sporty and more modern and took on an early 90's style. The body was very similar in design to the car before it, but this Integra had a new front end with rectangular headlights and a new engine available, the B18, a 1.8L 4Cylinder engine which gave this Integra 140 hp. Many people know this generation of the Integra as the "DA." This is correct, but technically the first generation Integra could also be called a "DA Integra" all because of the model types.
The Third Production of the Integra, the DC2 
Produced: 1994-2001
The DC2 Integra was different from the Integras before it, it no longer featured the square body style but took on a very sleek and round look. The car one again got a new front end featuring two round headlights on each side of the car. The car was cleaned up and had many luxuries added to some models such as electric sunroofs, power windows, and power locks.
The Type R Integra was produced in 1997 which was very sporty and featured a four-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC engine which red lined at 7900 rpms this was Honda's Japanese race car. The first Type R's were only produced in Japan as right hand drive cars.


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