What do you think of first when you hear the name Bentley? Most of us will agree that is certainly not a person who belongs to the middle class. Also with this car you do not go to the market, if you want to drive this car you must feel like Bentley. This also means that Bentley is not just a car, it is a symbol of class, luxury and prestige. But to afford Bentley you cannot think that way, Bentley is not something you afford, it is a car that deserves to be treated and bought differently – with excess of style and glory.

Bentley has a great history that started in 1919 and few years later Bentley won its first 24 hour of Le Mans. It repeated performance in next three years also. Bugatti, which was its main competition described Bentley as a „the world's fastest lorries“.
Not long after that came a great depression, and high budget cars that Bentley was producing lost their customers. Bentley was bought by Rolls Royce in 1931 and remained in their possession until 1998 when VW group bought Rolls Royce and Bentley altogether.


We can't say that period under Rolls Royce management was failures, but since VW bought Bentley it is taking huge steps forward. VW realized that the company was in need of financial help, like at the beginning, and decided to invest into modernizing factory and preparing it for production on a larger scale. And now, we can say that Bentley is returning its former glory. Cars are as massive as they've always been, but more luxurious and with more style. These cars are built to last, and to display power. Whether you like mountain that rides on wheels or a car that can move mountains, and if you want all that to be done with style, Bentley is your choice. 

Bentley 1926

Bentley 1947

Bentley 1960


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