Diamond Covered Wheels

Watch and jewelry maker Ice link, popular for decorating Hip Hop and Rap artists, has unveiled the world’s costliest rims at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show……!

This extravagant set of four rims will run you a cool $1 million.  Covered in over 12,000 diamonds and 800 sapphires, these rims are sure to be the world‘s most expensive and outlandish set of custom-made car wheels ever produced.
Ice link founder Andy Sogoyan described the 1,100-carat wheels as the ultimate luxury item.
He said, “Not only will you acquire a set of the most extravagant rims ever created when you make this purchase, but you will also receive a brand new Bentley Continental GT Coupe and one-year bodyguard service for free.”  …which you will need if you buy a set of $1 million rims.  You may also want to take a few parallel-parking lessons.


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