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Me and My Acura

I've been a truck guy for many years. My trucks have always been reliable, functional, and tall. I never felt uncomfortable on the road or felt bullied by other vehicles. When driving a truck or any large vehicle, there is a level of respect that other drivers instinctively give you. They have the greater incentive to avoid a collision with you. This had been my experience on the road almost exclusively and as far back as is worth remembering.

Not too long ago, a series of events lead me to have to forgo my truck driving days and change the direction of my driving "career". It was time for a change and I embraced it. Gas prices aren't so kind to trucks so I was looking forward to some relief in that aspect. What I did not realize was that I was about to enter a world of vehicles that is vast, and full of options. A world of convenience, comfort, power, and gadgets! I was on my way to becoming a luxury sedan driver.

After two weeks of diligent research, test drives, and consultation I fell in love with a Black Acura TSX. I felt almost a kinship with it since my dream car had always been the Acura NSX (a car that I had almost purchased a year earlier out of pure childhood whim).

In the days, weeks, and months to come, I fell not only in love, but almost obsessed with my Acura. I had come to realize that this car was not just a car. It was a design. It had been since before inception, in the hearts and minds of designers, engineers, and executives. And now, it was in mine.

My Acura no longer is just a comfortable mode of transportation. It represents me and who I am. Every aspect of it from the engine, to the interior, to the amazing luxury features represents me. My Acura TSX and I are one.

It's the steel horse that I ride, and it is faithful. It loves me and does so unconditionally. It knows all my preferences. From the way I like to sit, to my radio stations, to the interior temperature, to the way I like to accelerate and brake.

It is quiet but powerful and only taps into that power when I call upon it. I use to feel safe in a truck because of the sheer presence. Now I feel safe because my Acura and I work as one. We are ready to handle anything the road can throw at us. And we do so with precision, restrained power, and comfort.

My Acura makes me want to be a better man. I love you.

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