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Bentley is the brand that captures class, style and sophistication. The newest offering from a brand that has background in luxury motor cars and smooth and comfortable travel has now been unveiled. This article will look at the latest serving from one of the pioneers of elegant motoring and how they maintained loyal to their identity. 

The latest addition to the Bentley legacy of luxury cars is not a stones throw away from the high quality that you have previously come to associate with the Bentley name. The new Bentley Mulsanne is the new stylish car that Bentley Motors Limited is offering to the market as from 2010. This newest offering by the Bentley brand takes it name from the history that supports the Bentley brand which includes 5 victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans (the Mulsanne being the part of the course where the cars reach their highest speed).

Replacing the popular Arnage, Bentley's latest flagship model was unveiled in 2009. Unfortunately you'll have to wait until 2010 before you will be able to get your hand on it. The success of this model will determine what Bentley do next, but the interest that this car is generating is likely to mean it becomes a highly sought after model and the Coupe and Convertible editions are sure to follow.  

The car has been paralleled as 'a powerful athlete that is also a swift and graceful runner' and it has also been said about it that 'it captures a unique fusion of power, elegance and sporting style'. By looks alone this is a monster of a machine and with it come everything that you expect a Bentley to be.  

This car is a modern taken on the classic Bentley style and although a modern look through and through there is a great deal of the original Bentley feel that resonates in the cars presence. "To achieve this look, we spent a lot of time studying iconic Bentleys over time - the Bentley 8 Litre, Flying Spur of the 1950s, Brooklands, Azure and Arnage were all touch points," says Chief Exterior Designer Raul Pires.  

More information is to be released about this much anticipated addition to the Bentley brand and nearer the time there is going to be plenty more reviews so watch this space.

This article was written by Tom Sangers on behalf of Romans International who are an Bentley Dealership and also great Bentley Dealers in the UK.

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