2011 BMW X5 Review

BMW X5 Wheels - A Brief Guide

If you are planning to buy new wheels for your BMW, then you should be prepared to face lots of confusions and problems finding the accurate one - - since there are a number of companies and various options to choose from. BMW X5 Wheels are made of alloy and they are very light in weight. In this article, I will briefly talk about many topics related to wheels that you may want to be guided for.
Wheel Construction
Alloy wheels are mostly made in one, two or three pieces of construction type. One piece is made of one straight piece while the two piece construction means those wheels that are made by putting two pieces together and the three piece construction refers to the construction which has been done by putting together three pieces. There are different ways of manufacturing the wheels such as:

By Forging 
By Low Pressure Casting 
Or By Counter Pressure Casting

Tire Sizing
You should know how to read the tires. For instance P577/99R26 67W. Here P stands for the passenger side tire, 577 stands for the section width in millimeters, 99 stands for aspect ratio, R stands for radial construction, 26 stands for rim diameters shown in inches, 67 stands for load index and W stands for speed rating.
How to take care of your wheels?
Try to keep the wheels clean - - if they remain dusty and dirty, they will lose their finish. Steam cleaners and automatic car washes should not be used since they can damage the wheels. The best way to clean your wheels is to clean them with soap. However, you should quickly rinse them because the soap should not stick to them. When they are cool, only then start cleaning them. Putting a little wheel wax on them before you start using them would be helpful.

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