Beck LM Sports Car

The Beck LM 800 is built on the principle of lightweight and aerodynamic efficiency. It uses composite materials to to keep the weight down and a form over function styling brief to keep the frontal area and drag coefficient to a minimum.
The LM 800 is a supercar from Beck Engineering & Composites GmbH based in Switzerland . The Beck LM 800 went on show in January 2007 in Vienna.
The construction of the Beck LM 800 is similar to that found inFormula 1 race cars with a carbon, Kevlar and aluminium composite monocoque protecting the driver and passenger, as well as providing a rigid base to attach the engine and transmission mounts and front control arms of the chassis. The LM 800 has an electronically controlled, hydraulic active chassis also influenced by F1 technology, which reacts to telemetry data and helps to keep the car firmly stuck to the road.
The engine is a V8 especially produced by MTM for the Beck LM 800 with a displacement of 4.2 litres and, thanks to two turbochargers, delivers a performance of around 650 HP  to the drive shaft . The drive unit is designed in such a way that even acceleration is achieved across the entire range up to a top speed of over 217 mph. The semi-sequential 7 - speed gearbox is perfectly coordinated with the Beck LM 800 and reacts instantly to driver in put .

The wheels of the Beck LM 800 are specially made and formed from aluminium. An in-built hydraulic jacking system makes tire changes a breeze . 


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