2011 Car Graphic

Correct Proportions For Car Graphics

The key to good design is to have all of the elements of the composition work together as a harmonious whole. There have been many theories advanced down through the ages on layout which is the art of arranging graphics and text.
One way to do this with some organization is to use a grid called the Golden Section. This grid is a set of boundaries that will help arrange different parts of the car graphic. It has been used in the arts for centuries. The Egyptians used it and so did the Greeks. If you look at the Parthenon critically you will see a building rife with mathematical proportions. These are based on the divine proportion.
Not only is it a way of designing but it is also a number. It is the number 1.618033988, it is also called the number phi, not pi but phi. It has been used by artists including Leonardo DaVinci in his most famous painting "The Last Supper" The Last Supper is actually a series of elements that reside in boundaries formed by the Golden Section.
Basically the definition of the golden section is about the division of a line into two parts. The parts are sized such that there is a proportion between the largest section and the whole line which is equal to the proportion of the smallest section and the larger section. Not only does the golden section have relevance in lines but also spaces. It is possible to create a rectangle based on the golden section. With rectangles it is the sides that form the "divine proportions."
By using a rectangle to create a grid it is possible to create a layout that conforms to the rules of the Golden Section. This can be used to create decals with. Once the grid is organized by rectangles with the golden section, that entire layout can be shifted or rotated to achieve different effects. This can be done in such a way that the rectangles cross the borders of the page in such a way as to divide the rectangles into triangles. By doing this you can create a very unusual and dynamic layout that still has an underpinning of harmony.
A type of polar grid can also be created with the elements growing from the center. The Nautilus seashell has this type of organization. The areas grow in size based on the proportions of the golden section.
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