ASMA Design Mercedes-Benz S-Class Eagle

ASMA Design Mercedes-Benz S-Class Eagle

Every once in a while, a tuner comes along that completely changes the perception of the vehicle they're tuning. ASMA Design is one of those tuners. First there was the ASMA CLS Shark II. Then came the ASMA ML Gladiator II.   Now, to further add to their distinctive lineup of tuning products, ASMA has introduced a new tuning package for the 2007 Mercedes S-Class, aptly titled the Eagle I.

Like the previously-mentioned ASMA models, the Eagle I's styling elements are unique, to say the least. A new front bumper featuring additional venting and the now infamous "Darth Vader-esque" grill; new front fenders featuring additional vents; added side skirts; new rear door panels with additional emphasis placed on the flared wheel arches; a new rear bumper featuring, you guessed it, additional venting... these are some of the elements ASMA's Eagle I is proud to boast of. Of course, if so inclined, customers can also opt for new wheels, sport exhaust, etc., to further add to the ASMA's fashionable appearance. 

While it's true I could continue describing at length the many new ASMA Eagle I Mercedes S-Class features, photos (several of which I've included below) do a far better job showcasing these very same styling elements.  To learn more, keep scrolling to view the photos in their entirety (click to enlarge), or visit ASMA Design's website to view their full lineup of tuning products.


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